Irum Rathore

Irum Rathore “Multi-Sporting Athlete” was born on (12 March 1993) in Pakistan. Gold Medalist in National Championship Tournament. She also represented Pakistan in several other sports like, Rugby, Softball, Baseball and many sports. She is ultimate Multi talented athlete.


  • Represented Rugby Asia Cup 2017 Thailand.
  • Represent by baseball world Cup 2016 Korea.
  • Gold medalist in Rugby National Championship.
  • Represented to Punjab in chess at National level tournament in 2015.
  • Attend Pakistan football Camp in 2015.
  • Represented to HEC for last two years counties in baseball, cricket, baseball, football.
  • PCB Cricket at National & College, University Level.
  • Rowing National & University Level from last two years.
  • Football at National & University Level.
  • Basketball at National & University Level.
  • Represent Punjab University in inter-university championship.

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