Palwasha Bashir

Palwasha Bashir (born 20 October 1987) is a female badminton player from Pakistan. Palwasha Bashir is the 28-year-old, hard-working badminton player. Initially rising as a star on a national level by winning back-to-back national titles, the badminton beauty created a sensation after she brought home a bronze medal winner for South Asian Federation (SAF) games 2010. For Palwasha, the sky is the limit and she vows to make her nation swell with pride by bringing in more accolades.


  • Winner of Singles, Doubles, and Double Crown in Pakistan National All Ranking Badminton Championship ,Peshawar 2017
  • Winner of Yonex Sunrise Pakistan International Series Singles and Doubles 2016
  • National Ranking Winner Singles and Doubles 2016
  • In 2009 she won her First National Women’s singles along with the women’s doubles series.
  • In 2010 she won Bronze medal in the women’s singles event at the South Asian Games held in Dhaka.

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