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Saadi Abbas Jalbani is ranked 32 in the Olympic Standings. He has shown incredible performance in national and international Karate events through his spindled fitness and marvellous techniques. Saadi has won several championships and open championships in different countries and continents all over the world, a feat which has never been achieved before by any athlete of karate in the South Asian region. He is also the only player from South Asia who is playing as professional Karateka from Al Ahli club Dubai U.A.E.

Saadi was born on 1st January 1988, in Lyari Town Karachi South. He started his karate training on 1st June 1996 from National Institute of Karate-do Pakistan, Lyari Town, Karachi and was successfully awarded Black Belt on 15th April, 2001.

Talented and motivated, Saadi represents Pakistan Karate Team in different karate events and matches. In his illustrious career, he has remains unbeaten in inter clubs, districts, divisional, provincial and national karate events.

He is presently studying for a Masters degree in Physical Education from Wali Mohammad Khan University, Peshawar.


  • Got 12th position out of 220 players from 98 countries. in 1-3 Karate 1 – Series A, Salzburg Austria.
  • Won Gold Medal in U.A.E Open Karate Championship 2019.
  • Won 2 rounds 1 against France and 2nd against Italy lost 3rd with U.S.A . in 15-17 Karate 1-Premier League, Dubai U.A.E
  • Got 9th Position out of 64 players in 25-27 Karate 1-Premier League, Paris France
  • World Championships – Won 2 Rounds in 24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain. 6-11 November 2018
  • Won Gold Medal in UAE Open Karate Championship 2018
  • Won Gold Medal in UAE Karate League 2018
  • Won Gold Medal in UAE President Cup 2018
  • Won Silver Medal in 4th Islamic Games BAKU 2017
  • Gold Medalist in Commonwealth Karate Championship 2013 (Montreal, Canada)
  • Won Gold Medal in 4th South Asian Karate Championship 2017
  • Won Gold Medal in UAE  President Karate Championship 2017
  • Black Belt – 1st Dan from (WKF), Spain and 2nd Dan from (WSKF), Iran
  • Black Belt – 1st Dan in Bando from Karachi District Karate Association
  • Player/Member Pakistan National Karate Team (2005 – Till date)
  • Player/Member Pakistan WAPDA Karate Team (2007 – Till date)
  • Player/Member Al AHALI Club Dubai as a professional Karate player (2007 – Till date)
  • Gold Medal in Asian Karate Championship 2011 (China)
  • Gold Medalist in commonwealth karate championship 2009 (Johannesburg, South Africa)
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